Anne Stranach
Anne Stranach
Anne Stranach
Anne Stranach

Obituary of Anne Stranach

Anne Stranach, born Anne ["With an E!"] Maloney on June 24, 1937 in Tullamore, County Offaly, Ireland, died peacefully in the company of family at St. Joseph's Hospital, Saint John NB on November 27, 2023. Anne was predeceased by her beloved husband John.

The daughter of Michael Maloney and Mary Mahon, Anne was the youngest of six daughters and the final surviving member of her generation. At 14 she crossed the Irish Sea to join her sisters in London. Two years later Anne met and fell in love with a young Canadian soldier on leave in England. Anne married that soldier on December 17, 1954 and began a life journey with John Stranach which lasted for over 67 years.

Soon after, Anne found herself in Winnipeg, Manitoba, acclimatizing to Canada and beginning a family, with Robert (Bob), Dawn and Joanne (Jodi) being born in short order between 1956 and 1959. A young mother of three active youngsters, with John often away for work, Anne always provided exceptional care for her brood even under the most difficult circumstances. 

"My Mama . . . strong, gentle, resilient and adaptable to what life brought her way, sensitive, deep compassion, always up for fun, adventure, a journey or road trip, a song, the delightful and unexpected cracking of a comment or expression with her Irish droll wit, her beautiful, loving blue eyes and ever loving, ever constant 'Hi Sweetie'. Always the essential main thread of the tapestry of her essence . . . always, always, always . . . was love and family."

"I remember her little blue scarf she would wrap round me to send me to school in first grade . . . it was such a comfort at recess to smell it and feel close to her! We were so proud of our glamorous Mom when she worked as a car hop at A&W in the early 60’s . . .  always, always on the ball . . . our Mom with the bustle and her charm was perfect for the job."

In 1966, Anne's journey as a military spouse took her next to a five year posting in Germany. Anne's sense of home and family extended a  warm welcome beyond her nest, embracing many young people travelling in Europe at the time. This welcoming openness continued through the years following Anne and John's return to Canada, settling in New Brunswick. It was a consistent theme throughout Anne's life. She was everyone's big sister or mother, truly a homemaker, creating an inviting haven to which people easily gravitated, many becoming lifelong friends and family in the process.

"My lifelong closest friend; always caring, supportive and always there."

"[Anne] always provided me with unconditional, unwavering love and support for my entire life. Thank you for being a constant source of comfort. With love from your 'Christopher Robin'."

"I can't see Anne as separate from John because it isn't the 'Anne Effect' or the 'John Effect' . . . it is the 'Anne and John Effect'. Their generosity of inclusion into their cocoon of welcoming acceptance extended to all who encountered them. I experienced this first hand and was blessed to have had such a genuine and unconditional embrace welcoming me as part of their family." 

In the mid to late 1970s, as Anne's brood began leaving the nest for their own adventures and began starting their own families, a new generation which experienced the special qualities of cozy homelife and love when with their "Nunny", as Anne was known to them.

"I’ve always been so proud to have Nunny and Grandad as grandparents. They will always be such an inspiration!"

"Someday, Over the Rainbow, we will meet again for a teddy bear picnic with Nunny toast at the Big Splash Beach."

"Spending time with Nunny was always so special. She made people feel so important and was like a beautiful ray of sunshine wherever she went. She gave all her love, all her attention, always so present, and so kind. She gave the warmest hugs, and sang the sweetest lullabies. Hearing Somewhere Over the Rainbow will always bring the most wonderful memories of her."

"I remember Nunny singing Somewhere Over the Rainbow while rubbing my back until I fell asleep. The best grandmother we could ever ask for."

Anne's warmth and love also embraced her sisters and brothers in her congregation. She practised her faith quietly, with humility, and through service. Anne spent countless hours visiting and comforting the sick during her hospital ministry. She was a cherished and highly respected member of her faith community.

We will all miss Anne's generous hospitality, her insistence that everyone take home a bag of goodies after one of our family gatherings, and the multiple hugs whenever we departed.

Anne's love has blessed the lives of her children: Bob, Dawn, Jodi; and their children: Matt, Sara Clare, Melissa, Jaqueline, Joy;  and their children: Ethan, Kai, Ella, Elizabeth (Lizzy), Harry, Sophia, Johnny, Jackson, Austin. Anne also loved and was loved by her children's and grandchildren's spouses and partners.

Anne's family knows that she would want to relay a special thank you to those who have provided so much loving care and support over the past months and years:

--Jodi and Corry, amazing daughter and son-in-law (and son-in-fact!).

--Joy, Matt, Jackson, Austin, wonderful granddaughter and family.

--“The Family of the Heart” - Mary, Wanda and the rest of the team of friends and family who supported Anne and ourselves through these last few months.

--Phil Losier and the brothers and sisters of Anne's congregation at the Carleton Kingdom Hall of Jehovah’s Witnesses.

--All of Anne's health care providers, especially Dr Hoirch, Dr. Allaby, Dr. Rodger and St. Joseph’s Hospital, with particular thanks to the Transitional Care team of the 8th floor who provided such compassionate care and comfort. 

--All the Parkland staff and friends of Howe Hall and Carleton Hall who gave Anne so much comfort, care and loving companionship.

Arrangements are under the care and direction of Brenan’s Funeral Home, 111 Paradise Row, Saint John, NB, (506-634-7424). The congregation of Carleton Kingdom Hall of Jehovah's Witnesses will hold a province-wide commemorative service for Anne on Saturday, December 9. A private celebration of Anne's life will be held by family and friends at a date to be determined. Anne and John will be together at Saint John's Greenwood Cemetery, near their favourite spot for a tea, lunch and a nap while listening to the surf at Saints Rest Beach. Those wishing to make a donation in memory of Anne are asked to support St. Joseph's Hospital Foundation or the charity of your choice.

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