Grief Resources

When a family turns to us in a time of need it is our responsibility to care for both the loved one who has died and those, who are left behind. We take a great deal of pride in both roles and they are of equal importance to us. While one aspect of our service is completed at the time of the funeral, there is more to be done for those who remain. Grieving takes time and understanding and we provide resources for those coping with a loss in today's busy world where traditional sources of support may be lacking.

In this section you will find some basic information about the nature of grief and how it affects us.  In addition you have access to the complete collection - more than 30 issues - of our quarterly newsletter Along The Way. The contributors to the newsletter are some of today's leading grief care specialists and over the past several years they have covered dozens of topics around the issues of grief and healing.

We also provide a resource library of books - and paper copies of the newsletter - in our funeral homes. 

Finally, on our Special Events page, you will find information on current or upcoming activities in our funeral homes, or in the community, that we provide or support for the benefit of those who grieve.

We hope you will find that these resourses offer guidance and understanding as you make your journey through grief. We invite you to take advantage of them.

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