Our Services:

Receptions & Catering

At Brenan's we are pleased to offer comfortable and functional spaces for receptions and gatherings at each of our locations. Many families choose the ease and convenience of holding a post-service reception right at the funeral home. Purpose designed and fully equipped for catering, our  reception rooms allow us to eliminate one more worry for the families we serve. And, we can take care of everything for you, from arranging the catering and coffee & tea service, to providing tableware and utensils and the staff to set-up, serve and tidy up afterward. All you need to do is focus on this important time of sharing memories and taking comfort in the company of family and friends.

Our bright, spacious, fully equipped reception room at Paradise Row offers your family the opportunity to host a reception following the service without the need for additional planning and arrangements. Your funeral director can take care of all the details.​