Our Services:

Direct Cremation or Burial

The Direct Cremation option is available as a minimal service where the funeral home takes  the deceased into their care and arranges for the safe storage of the body through the legislated waiting period. During this time the family is consulted to provide the required authorizations and necessary permits and registrations are acquired and the deceased is transferred to the crematorium. After the cremation the family generally will pick up the urn from the funeral home and be provided with proof of death certificates and other documentation.

Direct Burials are also available for those who might prefer a traditional earth burial without other services. A number of simple caskets are available for this purpose. Please contact your funeral director to learn more.

Some families choose to have a service or gathering at a later date and your funeral director will be more than willing to help you arrange this including a variety of options like non-traditional venues or post-service receptions.